Some other place with Zeleana


During our trip to Los Angeles we met with talented women to talk about their experience as a woman of color in the creative scene. 


Your name

'Z' (Zeleana) @LTTR.Z 

Where are you from ?

Born: Oakland, Ca

Currently: Los Angeles, Ca

What do you do for a living and why do you do it?

For a living I am a teacher/ marketer/ writer. I enjoy helping and inspiring future generations with hopes of having a positive impact on their lives.

I also help startup companies with marketing and promotion. I love connecting with people through words, which is how I got into poetry and progressed into songwriting.

I walk a path not knowing exactly where I’m headed
I keep my thoughts positive and remain focused on the present
Life may not always be sweet
But in order to appreciate joy
You have to know pain
So, I will walk until my feet callus
I will remain myself no matter the obstacles placed in front of me
I am strong
I am independent
I am resilient
I am Z.
— z
neldy g

What are the challenges being a creative and woman of color in Los Angeles?

Some challenges of being a creative woman of color in Los Angeles, are resources not being readily available, the lack of already established spaces highlighting women of color, and also it being a predominantly male dominated industry.

This is something that can be looked at negatively but can also be seen as a reason to work harder in order to change these circumstances.

It encourages me to create these spaces for myself and my peers and to support those women who are doing the same.


On her project

Imagine, set to release January 2019, is a project that once lived in the realms of the LTTRZ’s mind and have now become reality. The wavy yet lyrical creation is a dive into her imagination, her visions, and her experiences. They are then transported through words and melodies with hopes to find the ears of many.

Imagine, created in a versatile manner stylistically reflects the different aspects of the LTTRZ. Her flexible writing style is evident and aims to arouse different emotions from the listener.

Her love songs, which are written to awaken many feelings, just might put you in a trance. Or her passion for socioeconomic issues and equality, that will have you contemplating the morals of society.  To her more chill party tracks that will have you wanting to hit the club, the LTTRZ has culminated something not to be slept on. There are many gems to uncover; she only hopes the treasure in her words is discovered.