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During our trip to Los Angeles we met with talented women to talk about their experience as a woman of color in the creative scene. 


Your name

Dime Jones



Where are you from ?

Los Angeles

What do you do for a living and why do you do it?

I would consider myself a renaissance woman. Being a creative to me means being able to express myself through multiple forms of art. Whether its creative directing, makeup or writing, creating a platform for myself has always been about my love for expression. I do what I do because I've loved it since I was 9. Ive always been that kid in her room creating things, from playhouses to making my own lipstick. I've always just wanted to be a creator!

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What are the challenges being a creative and woman of color in Los Angeles?

I think the challenges that come from being a creative and a woman of color in LA is simply opportunities. LA has become and maybe has always been a city of "how you look equaling to how successful you'll become". I truly believe that so many talented people who can really create art are so underrated due to their status in mainstream LA culture. Being who I am I don't allow things like that stop my growth in my art. I will continue to create because I believe that my work will be so good they'll have no choice, but to see me!

Your top 3 things to do in LA are :

Museums, Museums, Museums. I am a nerd lol